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Enhancing the visual appeal of your home extends beyond its interior. Your house’s exterior, or hardscape, plays a crucial role in creating an attractive facade. At Najmna, we understand the significance of a well-maintained hardscape and offer a range of hardscaping services delivered by skilled hardscape contractors.

Our team of dedicated experts specializes in concrete services, including paving and stamped concrete installation. With our hardscaping services, we aim to transform your property, ensuring it matches the aesthetic beauty of your interior spaces.

When it comes to elevating your home’s curb appeal, our hardscape contractors are committed to providing exceptional results. Our professional approach to hardscaping is designed to make your home’s exterior as stunning as its interior. Whether you desire a new pathway, patio, or driveway, our hardscaping services will leave a lasting impression.

Najmna’s hardscape contractors are ready to turn your hardscaping visions into reality. Contact us today to discover how our concrete services can enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior. With Najmna, your property’s hardscape will shine, creating a captivating facade that complements your interior charm.

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We understand that you may have questions concerning our operations. We have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and their detailed answers. Find the time to go through them to see if your question has already been answered. Should you not find your question among the listed, feel free to contact us. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We provide paving installation, maintenance and repair services. Our clients get to choose the paving materials they wish to have. Our dedicated team of experts shall offer professional advice on the type of material that is best for the soil type in your compound. We install concrete paving as well as brick, cobblestone, bluestone, flagstone and travertine paving at competitive prices. Each of our personnel has no less than three years of experience, guaranteeing you lasting results.

One way of improving your outdoor compound is installing an outdoor fire pit. We neatly install different designs of fire pits that complement your curb appeal. Should you also wish, we can install an outdoor bar just adjacent to the firepit. This comes in handy for clients that wish to enjoy a drink outdoors on a chilly evening.


Soil erosion could not only be an eyesore to your beautiful appeal, but also an environmental hazard if left unchecked. We remedy this by installing a concrete retaining wall over the affected landscape. The retaining wall works just as a gabion. It is designed to resist the lateral pressure that soil is exerted to by rain water during erosion. To improve on the effectiveness of a concrete retaining wall, we advise clients to apply vegetation cover on the landscape behind it. This could involve growing lawn grass or a flowerbed.

Look no further. We have a comprehensive catalog of patio designs that suit different tastes. Whether you prefer concrete patios or wooden ones, or perhaps a classy blend of the two, we are the firm for the job. The only limit to the beauty of the patio is your imagination. You dream it, we transform it into reality!

Stamped concrete allows unlimited design options at a fraction of the time and cost of other options. We can install different textured concrete stamps that suit your liking. We can mold it to resemble wood, tiles, brick, slates, flagstone or any other pattern you may want. Additionally, we can install minimalistic lighting along the edges of the stamp concrete to accentuate the beauty of your driveway.

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